Inktober Day 10

trista vs the forces of evil

A doodle of my wife and I. where we are also Star and Marco from the Disney cartoon we like.

Really wish the SVTFOE reddit wasnt so inundated with shipping wars. No offense to those that are into it.

But it’s a great show. Highly recommend.

Inktober Day 9

nip it in the bud

Nip it in the bud

I’ve started drawing this pencil & eraser duo. The pencil is always optimistic that I will put forth the effort to become a full time webcomic artist. The eraser is more realistic.

so yeah they are just simple symbols. they’ll never get a backstory or a character ark. or genitals.

Inktober Day 8

inktober 10.8.2018

Gonna make the wife watch this one this october.

We were only dating a few months when I (like every other movie buff) wanted to share one of my favorite horror movies.

Unfortunately, that movie was Videodrome. Luckily, my wife is cool.

Ps: expect a videodrome doodle later this month