Inktober Day 16

taco tokyo ghoul tuesday

not really a new drawing but I’m trying to finish Chapter 23 before Red Dead 2 comes out

really late posting this. (so late we were still engaged when I drew this)

but my wife and i like taco tuesdays and tokyo ghoul. even though the new season was a trash fire

Inktober day 13

inktober day 13

look this is just a panel from the October 2018 issue of Greet Them With Oranges. Which will definitely be done by the end of October.  But hey I think it will look much better than previous chapters.

Inktober Day 12

all might plus ultra

Ok. so clearly I actually drew this a long time ago. but my wife has to go to cons for work regularly. so I drew this earlier this year.

(also I won’t post like this after october is over)

(also also when/where else would I post such an amazing drawing)